About Us

Executive Summary

  • FREIGHTSTATION SA has been in existence since 2015, for the development of the changing industry as well as to ensure the minimal economic impact to our importers and exporters.

  • The company is vibrant, flexible and innovative to ensure the client’s needs are met to their expectation.

  • We are customer centric in designing packages and services to suit client’s needs.

  • We offer end-to-end services that will ensure that the clients experience with Freightstation SA is rewarding and satisfying.

  • This location is attractive as it enables FREIGHTSTATION SA to service its customers with minimal delays.

  • We monitor customer expectation and plan client consultations on a quarterly basis to evaluate compliance.

  • FREIGHTSTATION SA (PTY) Ltd is a Fully Licenced Customs Depot facility that professionally manages the inspections and /or related services required on Containers, which have been “Stopped” by the regularity authorities including, Customs -SARS, Boarder Police -SAPS and NRCS.

  • FREIGHTSTATION SA ensures that there is continuous communication with the authorities the Shipping Lines as well as the Clearing Agents to ensure the client service rendered is of the highest standard. 

Physical Location and benifits

  • The facility is located on 1 Belfast Road, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

  • Transport costs are at a minimum as we are within the 3 km radius of the port.

  • The facility is in the Bayhead vicinity, which enables clients to plan the collection of their containers with a greater sense of accuracy.

  • A container at our facility becomes extremely easy to pick up for its onward transmission into the greater Durban area or the hinterland.

  • Containers are accepted 24/7 to ensure that uncleared containers collected from DCT is safely accommodated in the depot.

  • Containers may be picked up from 08h00 until 22h00 on week nights and up to midday on weekends, provided advance notice of the collection is processed.

  • The location of our facility is such that vehicles spend less time in the traffic;

  • Fewer idling trucks results in saving to our customers and support a greener environment for all.

  • Processes have been refined to ensure maximum efficiencies and safety of the cargo and equipment we handle.


  • Our rates are competitive, and customer designed.

  • Clients are assured of the professional service rendered.


  • The management is vastly experienced in the Shipping, Logistics & Customs industry.

  • Staff employed are strategically chosen and placed for their selected roles.

  • The company’s competent employees ensure that services are rendered at optimal and at a professional level.


The facility is fully fenced, and access into this premises is limited to one entrance. There are two exits. The entrance and exits are controlled by 24 hour security guards. In addition the customs controlled area is secured by an independent security firm at the entrance and exit points. A further security guard patrols the unpack area warehouse to deter pilferage.We have a state of the art surveillance system supported by 23 HD day/night cameras. Ten of these cameras are focussed on the customs area. The footage is stored for a period of ten days to assist clients should any queries surface.


The company is dependent on the people it employs. All staff have been hand selected for their knowledge and expertise in the industry together with their commitment towards service excellence, honesty and integrity.


The Managing Director of Freightstation SA (PTY) Ltd is Ash Boodram. Ash was employed by Bidvest Group from 1992 to 2015. He was appointed to the executive management team of Rennies Ships Agency in 1995 and Board of Directors of Bidfreight Intermodal in 2005. He was the Managing Director between 2010 and 2015. His portfolio as SACD ran concurrently. He was on the executive management team of SACD (Pty) Ltd since 1996 and was the Commercial Director at SACD at the time of leaving the Bidvest Group. Ash holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree which be obtained in 1994 and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He has worked closely with Transnet Freight Rail in their attempt to change the mode of transport for cargo and containers over the longer distance from Road to Rail.

The Operations Director, Vimlan Gounden has been in the industry for 23 years and has been employed by various companies such as Renfreight, Nantai Shipping Line, Kien Hung Line, Jas Forwarding and Transglobal. He has extensive knowledge on the field of customs clearing and forwarding , and shipping line operations.


FREIGHTSTATION SA will have strategic partnerships with its service providers and assures its employees have access to the best possible working conditions, as well as to provide quality and responsive service to our stakeholders. This together with our investment in the most reliable assets will ensure that we ensure that we exceed the expectation of our customers. We remain committed to act honestly and responsibly with the highest level of integrity in all our interaction with all stakeholder.