Freightstation SA


We are a Freight Management and Logistics Company

FREIGHTSTATION SA (PTY) Ltd is a freight management and logistics company that strategically manages the flow of cargo and containers into and out of South Africa. We thrive on giving our customers a personalised service, unparalleled in the industry. Hence or motto to ensure that Every Container is Important to Us.

The company has a Customs licenced cargo and container handling facility in Durban, South Africa. At the facility which is in the immediate proximity of the port.




1 Belfast Road, Bayhead, Durban (Freightmax)


+2787 700 0642

Primary Services Offered

The facility caters for all services related to stopped containers and is tabulated as follows:

  • Receive containers for inspection and / or Overstay

  • Provide Daily Tracking of containers Received and Released

  • Provide Daily stock reports

  • Daily updates on booking of Exams

  • Booking of Exams with the relevant Authorities

  • Carry out instructions of the Inspectors (Break seal / Unpack / Repack)

  • Periodic updates on Inspections

  • Release containers on Shipping Lines instructions

  • An overall obligation to ensure that the Cargo and the Line’s equipment is safeguarded

  • Appropriate notification to the Line for all Containers Examined.

  • Provision of Transport Services to Lines requesting such service.


At the facility our partners, employ approximately 75 staff who handle the cargo, under strict Supervision and management of the FREIGHTSTATION SA (PTY) Ltd team.

The facility is licensed to manage the Customs Inspections and receive and store Overstay boxes. Apart from the direct employment we support an entire industry of trucker drivers, managers and driver assistants

Trading Partners

  • Ocean Network Express (South Africa) (PTY) LTD




  • All relevant authorities including Customs and the Police