To ensure optimal compliance in terms of customs and excise regulations without exception.

To provide our clients optimal service levels without having to hinder trade. 

To facilitate trade in a manner that embraces the protection of our clients and contributes to the economic growth , social development of our country, South Africa and supports our integration into the global economy. 

To embrace each of our clients, their needs and expand our footprint that complies with the ever changing economy and economic trends.


We commit to ensuring that the Inspectorate representing the Governmental Authorities are enabled to perform their duties, thoroughly, and efficiently without exception in an efficient and methodical manner. 

We commit to ensuring that the Containers are placed in accordance with instructions received and that repacks are complete timeously. 

We commit to ensuring that containers exit the facility in the shortest possible timeframe. 

We commit to being a preferred employer to our staff.

We commit to dealing with openness and transparency with all our partners.

What makes us different

The examination of containers is necessary in current times and is an important element of our industry.

At FREIGHTSTATION SA we recognize that the importer is already at a disadvantage when a container is stopped due to the many charges that might have an impact on the value of their goods.

It is therefore our commitment to our customers to ensure that there are minimal delays regarding the examination.

In aid of facilitating a quicker turnaround time, we request that the Clearing Agents provide us with all shipping documents in advance of us booking the exam. This assists us in avoiding time delays should we face a situation of the inspecting official from the relevant authorities not having the relevant documents.

We further assist the Shipping Line and engage with the relevant authorities in cases where detained cargo is identified.

Pictures taken of consignments for records and client interests.

Ensure tally sheets are done with the relevant authorities and are kept on our records for the clients.

Same day unpacks and repacks

We have 24 hour camera surveillance on our client’s examinations and storage of their containers.

Sufficient Hysters and forklifts to cater for our client’s needs.

We endeavor to communicate with the authorities to fast track the inspection, reports and releases; however we advise all clients that the finalization of any inspection is at the sole discretion of the Inspecting Authority.